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3 Cheap Transportation Ideas for Family Vacations

Keeping prices low during a vacation is not always easy, but with a few simple tips people can plan ahead and keep their travel costs to a minimum. When traveling in the family vehicle, it is vital to keep the car in prime shape to minimize the chance of breakdowns and emergency repairs. When going long distances, a rental car might be cheaper than using a personal vehicle. Some of the best vacation spots are just a few cities or states away depending on where a person is located. The United States is becoming a mecca for people who want to get into the staycation spirit. Some of the most popular staycation cities include Miami, New York, and San Francisco, but there are many more places vying to claim the title like Grand Rapids and San Antonio.

Stay stateside

Many U.S. cities are becoming popular vacation destinations. Experts at AARP say that the Midwest is raging to the forefront of tourist stops because of the cultural exhibits, local attractions, museums, and historic venues. Cities like Memphis, Kansas City, Charlottesville, and Minneapolis are joining Chicago and Nashville as must-see destinations on everyone’s bucket list. Many of the cities have local events that are free or next to nothing for admittance giving visitors the chance to see the culture of each city for pennies on the dollar.

Consider a rental car

Many rental car agencies offer online discounts. The Huffington Post says that Kendall Perez from Coupon Sherpa tells them that people can save an extra $15 on her site by simply using their Visa card over other credit cards to purchase a rental car. Companies like Alamo regularly post on Coupon Sherpa. These types of rental agencies often have discounts during the summer and holiday seasons, so taking advantage of using a particular card when the prices are low give shoppers an extra economic boost when booking a rental car for vacation.

Preventive auto maintenance

Keeping vehicles in tip-top shape is one of the best ways to minimize fuel costs on a vacation that uses the family car or truck. According to the Huffington Post, a tune-up can save drivers as much as four percent on fuel costs before a vacation. They also say that properly inflated tires and using the manufacturer’s recommended oil can also save additional money on fuel costs. Tires with the proper tread help keep fuel costs low, and so does new belts and hoses.

Keeping transportation costs low for vacations is not always easy, but people can do their best to be wise consumers by taking care of their personal vehicle and watching out for discounts. Combining deals is an excellent way to take advantage of coupons, but not every company allows deals to be used together. Planning a vacation in a neighboring state could be one of the best family memories that a group can create. There are amazing museums and architecture to see in every major U.S. city.