7 Simple Ways to Add a Touch of Vintage into Any Room

Vintage home style is all the rage right now, and this is for good reason. Vintage style offers a warm and homey feel, and you can actually design your home with this style on a small budget. You just have to get creative. Start with these 7, vintage inspired ideas for your home!

1. Only use white candles

White candles cast a spiritual, calming glow. Back in the day, they didn’t have the fancy red, green and blue candles that you can find today. They rarely had candles in jars. So if you really want to add some vintage feelings to your home, use only basic, white candles.

2. Spruce up doors with vintage doorknobs

Doorknobs of today are basic and boring. Long ago, doorknobs with black, iron creations most of the time. They were often ornately designed with geometric motifs or flower patterns. You can find these doorknobs online or in home goods stores.

3. Try using oil lamps

Again, the use of oil lamps or candles will always add a touch of vintage because this was literally the way that people used to decorate their homes long ago. If you want to try using an oil lamp, just make sure to put it in a safe place out of the reach of children and pets.

4. Keep colors simple and mostly solid

Crazy orange, bright yellow and fiery red were rarely used in geometric patterns when designing a room. Of course, many people had colors in their decor but not the way we use them today. Keep colors simple and subdued. Try black and white tiling, light colored couches and chairs and lots of stained wood for a vintage effect.

5. Choose curtains not blinds

Blinds were not a thing back in the day, so using them in a vintage inspired room simply won’t do. Curtains are much more typical of old school home decor. In particular, choose sheer white or sheer off white curtains.

6. Throw down an oriental rug

Oriental rugs scream vintage style. Instead of choosing that geometrically designed rug from your local home goods store, try an oriental pattern with flowers and a slew of calming, subdued colors. These rugs tend to be very flat, so definitely don’t go with shag.

7. Keep electronics in cupboards

Of course, you can’t ask yourself to simply not use electronics. We live in a day and age when computers, modems, phones, tablets and television sets are everywhere. So you’re going to have some of these electronic devices in your home. It’s only natural. But instead of putting them on full display, you might consider putting them behind closed doors to give a truer vintage feel to your space.

This is easy enough if you opt for an entertainment center that has doors or a curtain over the front. When you want to get out your gadgets, they’ll be right there waiting for you. But if you’re entertaining or just want that vintage feeling, simply cover them up!