How to Cook the Perfect Burger

There’s nothing quite like a juicy succulent burger. According to NBC News, Americans eat over 50 billion of them a year. However, despite burgers being the great American sandwich, not everyone knows how to grill up a tasty burger. Below are some tips that can help you cook the perfect burger.

1. Get the Right Meat

A good burger starts with good beef. Go for high grade ground chuck with 20 percent fat. This amount of fat will insure that your burger is both juicy and tasty. Freshly ground chuck is the best option. Season the raw beef with salt and pepper. Seasoning it this early will insure that the meat has flavor. Divide the meat up into quarter pound portions. Each portion will be one patty.

2. Be Gentle with the Beef

One of the keys to a perfect burger is molesting the meat as little as possible. When you form the meat into patties, be gentle with it. Massage it into the right shape. Don’t be too forceful with it. Also, don’t mix the meat anymore than you have to. Take the meat and gently form quarter pound patties. Try to not make the patties too dense or they will have a hard time getting tender. In the middle of each patty, make an impression with your thumb.

3. Grill It Right

Now it’s time to get those patties on a grill that is somewhere between medium heat and hot. Once the burger is on the grill, don’t be tempted to take the spatula and push down into the patty like you sometimes see on TV. This will actually push the fat out of the patty, and that fat contains much of the burger’s juicy flavor. Fat that drips onto charcoal will also create a small fire that could burn your burger. Just let it sit over the coals for about five minutes before you flip it and let it sit for another five minutes. According to FoodSafety.gov, ground beef needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees for safe consumption.

4. Don’t Forget the Cheese

Choose a high quality cheese to top your burger with. If you want to go for a more traditionally cheesy flavor, we suggest Colby. If you want a sharper flavor, bleu cheese is the best option. Add the cheese to the top of the patty after the first flip. If you are cooking on an outside grill, lower the grill cover so the cheese gets all gooey on the patty. If you are cooking it inside, place a metal bowl over the burger to produce the same melted consistency.

5. Have Fun with Buns

Choose a high quality bun from your local bakery. Freshly baked bread will certainly taste better. We suggest a bun topped with sesame seeds or a pretzel bun. Before you put together the burger, place the buns on the girl for several seconds for a light toast. As far as sauce goes, we suggest either chipotle mayo or a high quality thousand island dressing.