How to Successfully Build a Versatile Wardrobe for Less

Of course everyone wants to look fashionable and well-dressed, but nice clothing and accessories are expensive and hard to justify if you don’t have a lot of extra cash. Don’t despair though- building a versatile, stylish wardrobe can be done on a budget, and no one will ever need to know how little you spent. Here are some ideas on ways to create your look without breaking the bank.

Buy only items that fit you perfectly
Do not waste your money on styles that are “in” but don’t work for your body type. Focus on clothes that make you look good and ignore the trends as much as possible. Well-fitting clothes always look more stylish than ill-fitting designer wear, and a proper fit can be found at almost any price point.

Stock up on the essentials
The best way to have a versatile wardrobe is to buy versatile, classic pieces that you can mix and match for different occasion. The classic little black dress can be paired with heels and jewelry for a night on the town or flats and a blazer for the office. Purchase items in neutral colors that pair well together so that you need to purchase fewer items overall.

Skip the trendy shops
Purchase clothing, particularly the essentials, at big box stores. Black leggings are black leggings, whether you bought them from Target.com or a designer store. You can purchase the basics anywhere but remember to look for classic, quality items that will hopefully last a long time.

Consider Used
If you are up to the challenge, stores like buffalo exchange and thrift stores often sell gently-used designer items for a tiny fraction of the original price. It may require frequent trips and lots of looking, but it is possible to build a lovely wardrobe from previously-worn items. Designer shoes, costume jewelry, accessories and dresses are some of the easiest-to-find items at these types of stores.

Shop sales and use coupons and shop out-of-season
If you know specifically that you want that particular pair of jeans or cute sweater, sign up for email lists and sales updates from your favorite designer store. Save up for specific items you want, then buy them when they are at a discount. Most brands have at least one or two sales per year, or a clearance rack for items that are last season. Also, outlet stores may have the same item with a tiny defect for a much lower price.

Mix High-end with budget items
To look stylish on a budget, wear your more expensive brands with cheaper finds. Mix a thrift-store necklace and cheap leggings with that great designer dress. Pair the cashmere sweater with the jeans you found on clearance. Mixing up designer products with lower cost items makes the entire outfit look fashionable and high-end.

Swap with a friend
If all else fails, find a friend (or even better-a roommate or sister) who wears a similar size as you and share wardrobes! It will make shopping together more fun, and you can be sure not to be wearing the exact same thing as her. Plus, you can make sure to get a second opinion on your look before you head out on the town.