The Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2016

This past year has been one of the most fashion-forward of the last decade. From daring crop tops to leather-fringed shorts, 2015 has seen festival wear become mainstream and embraced a surprisingly bohemian aesthetic. For this coming year, however, designers are showing a desire to return to more classical lines, retro fabrics, and functional footwear. Here’s a look at some of the rising trends set to make a major appearance in 2016.

Old World Influence

The glory days of tribal print and Native American-inspired designs are winding down. The fashion forecast for 2016 is seeing complex, Spanish-style embroidery and elegant French cuts. Designers are ditching the harsh lines of peplum skirts in favor of flouncy, flowing petticoats and elegant tunics inspired by Romance-era Europe. This trend is best embraced in Springtime, when light, whimsical fabrics and classical lines will keep you trendy without weighing you down.

Swaths of Suede

This is perhaps the most daring and unexpected trend of 2016. Designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Alberta Ferretti have recently charged the runway with bold, 70’s-inspired suede blouses and dresses. While sporting this retro fabric from head to toe might require a step out of your comfort zone, a simple suede coat will be enough to take any outfit to the frontier of high fashion.

Petite Pleats

The severe, tightly-creased pleats of this year’s skirts and slacks have softened into smaller creases in their latest runway appearances. Iconic designers Boss and Tome have transformed these classic stables of women’s fashion and given them new life as flouncy, feminine texture for this coming year.

Victorian Lines

Ruffles, lace, and high necks are just beginning to enter the limelight in this decade. The puffy sleeves and flowing neckline accents of J.W. Anderson and Erdem’s latest shows hint at a heavily Victorian-inspired trend. This is good news for those who want to add a stylish touch of class to their everyday office wear, as a hint of lace here and there will never go out of style.

Flat and Functional

While heels may never truly go out of style, they have recently taken a backseat to make way for an array of comfortable, functional flats. Relentlessly trendy designer Victoria Beckham recently trotted out a line of gorgeous flats appropriate for everything from a night out on the town to a long day at the office. Fashionistas everywhere can rejoice during this year’s break from back-breaking stilettos and calf-restricting boots.

So far, the fashion outlook for 2016 promises a revisit of past eras, a heaping dose of Old World charm, and a refreshingly nostalgic appreciation for understatement. Whether you’re looking for casual career wear or stunning evening style, one of these trends will deliver the perfect pieces for next year’s wardrobe.